About JPMA


The Japan Paint Manufacturers Association (JPMA) was established in April 1948 as a voluntary organization of paint manufacturers industry. In April 1986, JPMA was converted into an incorporated body to continues its activity as a nation-wide organization.

JPMA plays an important role in the Japanese industry as a member of the Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren) and the Japan Chemical Industry Association. Today, JPMA is also handling various international issues as an important member of the International Paint and Printing Ink Council (IPPIC) and the Asian Paint Industry Council (APIC).

JPMA consists of about 258 members: Regular Members who are leading paint manufacturers in Japan, plus Supporting Members who are engaged in paint-related industries.

Objectives and Activities

The goal of JPMA is to promote robust development of Japanese paint industry, and contribute to overall industrial, economic development, by researching issues concerning paint industry such as management, technological development, market supply & demand. The following activities have been undertaken to facilitate these goals:

Research on the industry-wide issues such as improving business management, environmental management and safety measures. Standardization of domestic/international standard of product quality and standards. Exchanging information on international issues and its countermeasures. Development of standard color sample reference book, "Standard Paint Colors" Ten committees and six ad-hoc committees are exclusively allocated to study these issues.

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