Standard Paint Colors (SPC), the most widely used paint color samples, is issued every 2 years. Over 30mil. decks are published since 1954. The color numbers starts with an alphabet, indicating the year it was published. Latest edition, 2011 "F" series is available now.

Color Universal Design (CUD)
In recent colorful information-oriented society, color itself carries important messages. However, there are many people having different color perception because of gene types or eye troubles. CUD, or 'color barrier free,' is to design colors equally recognizable by people with various color perceptions.
F-edition introduces 'CUD Recommended Color Set," that helps everyone to design human-friendly colors. It would help you design the colors of signs, facilities, products, etc.

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Contains 632 Colors
15 New Colors!
  • Lead/chromate free paints are applied to all color chips.
  • Simply order your color by JPMA color code, and the exact shade will be available.
  • Colors specified by Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), such as Safety Colors and Identification Colors are included.
  • 15 New colors are added and 30 colors are deleted from 2009 E-edition.


Pocket type and wide type are available.
For users outside Japan, we have English version, with English information sheets.
Pocket type Wide type
SPC F-pocket type SPC-F Wide Type
Price 2,625Japanese Yen per set.
Colors 632colors (15 New Colors!)
Size 5cm x 21.5cm x 2cm thick
7 colors are shown on 1 sheet
each color are painted for 16mmx50mm

Price 16,800Japanese Yen per set
Colors 632 colors (15New Colors!)
Size 5cm x 21.5cm x 5.5cm;
2 books per set.
1 color per sheet. There are perforations in each sheet to cut into separate 13 pieces (13mm x 50mm per piece)

How to order Standard Paint Colors:

Please fax (+81-3-3443-3599) or e-mail us () for conditions of orders.
Normally, payment is made by T/T to our bank account, and the goods are shipped by EMS when the payment is confirmed.

About JPMA Color Code

Present Color Code (1995 and onward)

Since T edition (1995), the color code is fixed except for the first alphabet.

T15-90B in T edition (1995) is the same color as
F15-90B in E edition (2011).

Former Color Code (Before 1993)

Until 1993 (S series), the color code came in "X00 - 000(0)" (X stands for an alphabet, 0 for a number) style.
First half of the code defined the edition code and the page number, and the actual color was defined by the 3 (or 4) digit number following "-".

FS25-262 in S edition (1993) is exactly the same color as
R29-262 in R edition (1991)

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