Color Universal Design (CUD)

In recent colorful information-oriented society, colors carry important messages. However, there are many people having different color perception because of gene types or eye troubles. CUD, or 'color barrier free', designs colors equally recognizable by people with various color perceptions.
F-edition contains 'The Color Palette for Universal Design," that helps everyone to design human-friendly colors patterns. It would help you design the colors of signs, facilities, products, etc.

CUD supervisor: Kei Ito, Associate Professor, Tokyo University
Contributed by: Color Universal Design Organization (CUDO)
DIC graphics Corporation
DIC Color Design Co.,Ltd.
Supervissed by: Akira Kitabatake, JPMA Color Advisor and
honorary professor of Bunka Women's University,

The Color Palette for Universal Design

  Common Color Name* Color Code Munsell
Codes of
JIS Systematic
Color Names
Pin F02-70T 2.5R 7 / 10 lt-R
Red F08-50V 8.75R 5 / 12 st-YR
Brown F09-30L 10R 3 / 6 dk-YR
Orange F15-65X 5YR 6.5 / 14 vv-YR
Yellow F27-85V 7.5Y 8.5 / 12 vv-gY
Green F47-60T 7.5G 6 / 10 vv-bG
Sky blue F69-70P 10B 7 / 8 lt-B
Blue F77-40V 7.5PB 4 / 12 vv-pB
Purple F89-40T 10P 4 / 10 vv-rP
Alternative yellow F27-90P 7.5Y 9 / 8 lt-gY
Alternative green F45-60L 5G 6 / 6 st-G
Light Pink F05-80L 5R 8 / 6 pl-R
Beige F19-75L 10YR 7.5 / 6 sf-rY
Cream F25-90H 5Y 9 / 4 pl-Y
Light yellow green F32-80P 2.5GY 8 / 8 lt-YG
Light green F42-70H 2.5G 7 / 4 sf-G
Light sky blue F69-80H 10B 8 / 4 pl-B
Light purple F82-70H 2.5P 7 / 4 sf-PB
White FN-93 N 9.3 Wt
Light gray F75-80B 5PB 8 / 1 b-plGy
Gray F75-50D 5PB 5 / 2 mg-pB
Black FN-15 N 1.5 Bk

*Contents of The Color Pallet for Universal Design are subject to change.
*Common Color Name is general color names used for explanations on maps, signs, etc., not based on official color systems.
*The distinction of colors changes by individual color perception or lighting effects.
*Combination of a few colors may affect the distinctness of colors.

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